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Kyoto project・A journey to rediscover the charm of Kyoto・A brief introduction


Please be sure to check the details of the project here:【Kyoto project・A journey to rediscover the charm of Kyoto


・Subsidy target: Kyoto, Osaka, Shiga, Nara, Hyougo, Fukui residents


・Details of the subsidy: The discount rate will be calculated according to the price of the reservation. In addition, we will give you a "Kyoto Support Coupon" that you can use in different shops. The coupon will be valid from your check-in date to check-out date.


・Discount rates


Accommodation fee for one night


Applicable discount











※The discount can be applied for a maximum of 3 nights stay。

We will apply the discount during your check-in at the front desk


・Coupons will be distributed as follow。


Accommodation fee for one night


Number of applicable coupons



One coupon of the amount of ¥1000



Two coupons of the amount of ¥1000



You can book your room here.



Please read the details below before booking:


※In order to verify your residence, it is necessary to show at during the check-in an ID card with a picture and the address on, such as driving license, residence card or mynumber card. In case the address cannot be verified, you will not be able to benefit from the subsidiary aid.


※In order to use the subsidiary aid, you will need to fill out the application and consent form during the check-in.


※The discount is applicable to the accommodation fee only. The discount will not be applied to any service or goods you will purchase during your stay.


※The discount is not applied to the accommodation fee in case of business trips or corporate usage.


※Customers are responsible for any cancellation fee.


※This campaign cannot be used together with GoTo Travel Campaign


※Please check beforehand the shops where you can use the coupons here. It is not possible to use the coupons to pay the accommodation fee.



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