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Kyoto In a Raindrop - Where should we go when raining Part.I


Find your favorite Place to hide from the rain

Kyoto is a special place that lets you take a look in a different time of Japan. Japan is already very special, but Kyoto brings you back in the old days. This city does not just have the beauty factor, it shines in a different light each season. Not just the Cherry blossom time, Summer or Autumn are real view catchers, also the rainy season is a very beautiful time, if you take a closer look. See Kyoto in its most unglamorous time and discover the beauty within.


Manga Museum

Are you interested in Mangas? Then it may be worth a visit at the Manga Museum Kyoto. Although the Mangas there are all in japanese and therefor not readable without speaking the language, still it is it good opportunity to attend the interesting Exhibitions like watching Manga Artists creating a Manga from the very beginning, watching a Kamishibai Performance (traditional japanese, paper theater) and you can even go to the Portrait Corner and have a Manga Artist draw your portrait in Manga style and have a little conversation. Till 27th the Museum opens every day, without closing days. Escape the rainy and humid weather and enjoy your time in the air-conditioned museum. The museum is opened from 10:00 to 18:00, though admission is till 17:30.

Permanent Exhibitions:

Hi no Tori StatueManga Studio (watch Manga artists from the beginning)Exhibition of 100 Maiko IllustrationsKamishibashi (Performance)What is Manga?Portrait Corner (MM Artists draw your Portrait, you can also chat with them)

Limited Exhibitions

Manga for Adults (until July 31st)Takemiya Keiko 50ths Anniversary (until September 8th)About Competitions (until July 31st)Admission Fee 800Yen for Adults (HIgh School and Junior High School Students 300 Yen and Elementary School Students 100 Yen)


Snack Store - Journey to your sweet past

Who does not remember the wonderful memorable time, when we were children and went to the next little sweets- or candy store. For a little pocket money we could buy the world, we believed. It doesn`t matter where we come from, we all remember that time and we can have this nostalgic feeling in Japan again. If you want to enter the door for a sweet time travel, you should make a stop at Funahashiya. Colourful snacks, cute toys and everything for little money. See the world through japanese children`s eyes and maybe buy your own japanese snack experience. This very unique little store, led by a nice obasan and ojisan, is small and offers a small trip to the japanese childhood. Please use some japanese politeness and ask for permission, before you make pictures of the store. “Shashin totte mo ii desuka?” Usually they say yes, after you buy some sweets. Open from 13:30 - 18:00 (Thursdays closed)


Shiba Inu Cafe

If you do not only like dogs, but especially the most japanese dog, the Shiba Inu, then you probably should go to the Shiba Inu Cafe. In no other country, but in Japan, you can find so many Cafe Shops with Cats, Dogs or other Animals. It is a Cafe, where you can of course drink Cafe, but you can enjoy the presence of a cute animal, that you may not have in your daily live. In this case you can enjoy your time with the lovely Shiba Inu. Please be aware, that the dogs are most likely used to the staff and often a bit shy and bashful with strangers. Please gently pad the dogs and do not try to hug them. Who is interest in other animals than dogs, can find nearby other Shops with other exotic animals. Usually open from 11:30 - 19:30


Flower Green Days Cafe

your favorite Place to hide from the rain t may not be near the Hotel, but this is a real hidden place. A small Cafe with a magical feeling. You want to be outside of the crowd? Enjoy quiet peace? Come and find the small Cafe and let yourself drag inside the flowery beauty. From the ceiling are hanging dried flowers, at a table near the window you can find wonderful flowers conserved in silicon oil, socalled Herbarium. You can buy beautiful flower decoration or just enjoy the atmosphere and drink a cafe, iced or hot. Especially on rainy days it is cozy to sit inside and look outside to see the pretty raintime from a different view. It feels as if time stopped. from 11:00 - 17:00


Gear Theater

Non-Verbal EntertrainmentFor everybody who likes modern Theater and would like to try something new, we recommend to go to Gear Theater. It is especially interesting because it is non verbal, so you don`t need to understand japanese for it. The stage is set in a steam punk style and may catch the interest of the one or other steam punk fan. The performances change at some times in the year. At the moment you can see the story about RoboRoids and a Doll, becoming more human caused by their curiosity and payfullness, using Kabuki Style techniques to latest technologies. A theater that you can enjoy with your five senses.


Ukiyo-e Museum

Do you know Ukiyo-e?No? But maybe you know one of the most famous pictures of japanese culture. Two big waves. Ukiiyo-e is a unique japanese way of painting pictures in on woodblocks between 17th and 19th century. One small and slightly hidden Ukiyo-e Museum can be found in Shijo in Kyoto. At the moment it shows pieces of Hokusai, one of the most famous Artists of this unique kind of Art. He took Ukiyo-e to a whole new level and branded the Art, as it is seen in the world today. For Art interested people, and those who like japanese culture, this might be worth a visit.

from 10:30 - 18:30

Admission Fee: 1000 Yen



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