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Sakura? Nah, it’s Ume that is celebrated by locals. 地元で愛される春の象徴:梅

Ume Delivers the Breath of New Spring


Yes, Kyoto’s Sakura (cherry blossom) is world-famous and considerably beautiful. No doubt about it. But what many of the tourists flooding into Kyoto are missing is the beauty of Ume flowers (Plum flowers). In fact, until the Heian period (794~1194), it is reported that Ume was celebrated as a symbol of new spring, instead of currently famous Sakura. As is the case of most Japanese culture, Kyoto is THE famous place to see this beautiful celebration. From mid-February till mid-March, a number of spots across the city are visited by locals, providing them with the unforgettable colors and scents. Why don’t you be part of this ancient celebration?


Our Recommendations おすすめスポット

There are so many spots in Kyoto where you can enjoy Ume. Here are some of our recommendations!


There are 1,500 Ume trees in 50 different varieties. You can feel memorized with the gentle atmosphere they create. And they are going to hold an Ume Festival on 2/25. The event will come with a lot of stands and invite maikos joining the event on the day. From The Millennials Kyoto, it takes 45 mins by bus. We also recommend taking our rental bike if the weather is nice!


Entrance Fee: ¥600 (including Japanese sweets)

入苑料:¥600 (茶菓子付き)

Period: Mid-Feb ~Mid-Mar


credit from Kyoto Design

Located in the centre of Kyoto city, the Kyoto Imperial Palace is another great place to witness the seasonal change. At south of the famous ‘Hamaguri-Gomon’ gate can you find 200 Ume trees. As the Palace is open for everyone free of charge, it is one of local’s favorites. Picnicking there might be fun for you (if the weather is nice). It only takes 20 minutes by bus from the hotel.


Entrance fee: FREE


Period: Mid-Feb ~Mid-Mar


When Kyoto became Japanese capital in 794 (then it was called Heian Kyo), Jyonangu Shrine was built for the purpose of protecting the capital from its south. It is famous for ‘Shidare-Ume’ or the weeping plum trees, of which you can take beautiful pictures. Although it takes about 50 mins from us, you wouldn’t regret going there.


Entrance fee: ¥500


Period: 18 Feb ~21 Mar (9:00~16:30)

見頃:2月18日〜3月2日 (9:00~16:30)





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