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Ways to escape from the “Sakura hype”桜シーズンの混雑を避ける


Shourein-in @ Gion

Kyoto's Sakura hype 桜シーズン到来

The population of Kyoto City is around 1.4 Million. In fact, last year saw 55 million tourists flooding into the city. April, the Sakura celebration season, is amongst the busiest times of the year. According to research conducted by MasterCard, Kyoto saw 27.8% growth in foreign tourists on average for the last 8 years. It is not hard to imagine how packed the most famous spots can be.

Although, without a doubt you would absolutely enjoy the famous Sakura spots, we would like to offer some alternatives for those who are willing to explore some more locality!


Recommended spots/ オススメスポット

Founded in 1236, Tofukuji is almost too famous for the mesmerising Japanese maple trees in autumn, but the vibrant green leaves and much quieter zen gardens in the spring and early summer are just as wonderful. It is reported that the temple used to be a very famous spot for cherry blossom until the 14th century. Then the head monk called Mincho asked the shogun to cut down all the cherry trees because “people get noisy for beautiful flowers which hinders the monks from conducting zen trainings. Well, why don’t we cherish the ‘brave’ decision made 7 centuries ago? :)


Entrance Fee: Free *To enter the garden you need to pay ¥500

入場料:無料 *お庭への入場は別途¥500

Photo from Wikipedia

A number of tourists go to the Arashiyama area for beautiful cherry blossoms and the world-famous bamboo grove. But unfortunately they often miss the neighbouring historical area called Saga-Toriimoto which is designated as the Cultural Preservation District by the State. Only 15 minutes walk from the Arashiyama station, you can see the bamboo grove and peacefully beautiful traditional houses without being surrounded by selfie sticks. Definitely recommended for those who want to enjoy a lovely walk!


Entrance fee: Free *Entrance to temples costs

観覧料:無料 *隣接する寺社への入場は別途掛かります。

Also near Arashiyama there is the Matsuo-taisha shrine which is definitely worth a visit. Originally found in 701, Matsuo-taisha is one of the oldest shrines in Japan. Pure spring water that spews from the mouth of the ‘turtle well’ is designated as one of ‘100 best waters in Japan’. As it enshrines the deity of water, it is also known as the god of Sake. With less amount of tourists, you can truely cherish Kyoto’s traditional atmosphere.


Entrance fee: Free






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