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We only recommend the best - SAKURA・スタッフのイチオシ桜スポット Part.2

長建寺・Chouken-ji Temple

In the previous article we recommended three places to see Sakura in Kyoto. (Click here to read it) Now we are going to show you spots where the locals go and you'll be able to see a different side of Kyoto City. "The only thing you need to do is trust us, read our recommendation, and go. You won't regret it". Cheers!


Our Recommendation・スタッフのおすすめ

Kyoto Gyoen (Kyoto Imperial Palace Park)・京都御苑マップ

I once heard people say that it's like Central Park(NY) in Kyoto. Locals living around the area love to take a walk, rest, and during this season you will find many of them enjoy friends and family time under the sakura trees with food and drinks.


Access:Walking 20 minuts from hotel or take bus no.3, 205, 17 or 59 and get off at Kwaramachi-Marutamachi bus stop.


Kamo Riverside・鴨川沿い(マップ

Almost everyone who lives in central Kyoto loves Kamo river. Walking, jogging, cycling, hanging out with friends, and dating:P It's like a backyard of Kyoto people. In spring you can see Sakura trees bloom along the riverside. You may be able to take a beautiful dramatic photo when the wind blows and the sakura petals fall off the trees.


Access:Walking 5-10 minutes from hotel.


Heian Shrine 平安神宮(マップ

Heian Shrine is also a great place to see sakura. They have a beautiful garden with various plants bloom in different seasons so it's not just the spring season that you could enjoy this shrine. If you plan to go to philosopher path or Nanzen-ji, you should put Heian Shrine in your schedule too.


Access:Take bus no.5 from Kawaramachi-Sanjo to Okasaki Park bus stop.




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