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10 Amazing Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots Near Shibuya

Hello Millennials! 🌸

Spring is just around the corner. Do you know that Japan is well-known for its sakura cherry blossoms? According to this year's forecast, sakura in Tokyo is estimated to start going into bloom in mid-March. Since the Heian era (around 750CE), hanami or cherry blossom viewing has been a beautiful Japanese tradition during the spring season. Locals spend hanami enjoying drinks and food with families, friends, and co-workers while sitting under the pink petals of the Sakura trees.

Today, we will be listing out 10 great Sakura places you can easily get to from The Millennials Shibuya in about 30minutes or less! 🕝

If you fancy:

🌸floating flowers on the lake 🌸night views 🌸stunning park views 🌸hanami picnics

The following three waterside parks are for you! Also, all of these places light up at night - how romantic, right? Just so you know, it will be super, duper crowded especially at night. If you want to bring someone here on your first date, why not try rowing a boat and enjoying a mini adventure time with just you and your crush. <3

Chidorigafuchi Greenway(千鳥ヶ淵緑道) 21min

Inokashira Park(井の頭恩賜公園)32min

Senzokuike Park(洗足池公園)31min (Japanese only)

If you fancy:

🌸Night views 🌸Cherry blossom festivals* 🌸Good food * Unfortunately, many festivals have or may be subject to cancellation as a preventative measure against COVID-19, but feel free to read on to know what to an eye on next time you're in town for sakura season! *

Tokyo Midtown(東京ミッドタウン)26min

For a fancy hanami experience, head to the outdoor Chandon Blossom Lounge at Tokyo Midtown during their MIDTOWN BLOSSOM 2020 sakura festival. And if you're a fan of free goodies, don't miss out on the free pink-colored sparkling wine given out to the first 500 people on March 30th! 🥂

Originally scheduled for 3/20-4/19 (event canceled):

Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa(グランドプリンスホテル高輪)31min For a Japanese garden styled sakura festival experience, head to Takanawa Sakura Festival 2020 where you will definitely be able to feel authentic Japan. A special selection cherry blossom-themed stay-plans and seasonal foods are offered during this time to appeal to all the big sakura lovers out there.

The following parks are not as popular as the ones just mentioned, but you know what that means... Less busy! Yay! Enjoy a traditional hanami with your favorite humans or just on your own. These are the perfect spots to meditate while strolling underneath the sakura trees, empty your mind, and simply appreciate the beauty of nature.

Escape from the concrete jungle and take a deep breath of fresh air! :)

Hatagaya Ryokudo(幡ヶ谷緑道)23min 🌸cherry blossom carpet


🌸hanami picnic

Toyama Park(戸山公園)27min 🌸chill


Last but not least, don't forget Yoyogi Park! Just a 10min walk from the Millennials Shibuya, it's the perfect place to if you already have a full travel itinerary but still want to do a spot of hanami!

Happy hanami from all of us at The Millennials Shibuya! 🌸





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