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“Hinamatsuri” The Japanese Doll festival in Kyoto ひな祭りと京都

Credit form wikipedia

What is “Hina-Matsuri”?


‘Hina-Matsuri’ or Japanese doll festival is celebrated across the Japanese archipelago on 3rd of March. This is one of the Five seasonal celebrations in Japan, namely ‘Jinjitsu’ (7th Jan), ‘Hina-matsuri’ a.k.a Momo no Sekku (3rd March), ‘Tango no Sekku' (5th May), ‘Tanabata’ (7th July), and ‘Choyou no Sekku' (9th September). The Hina-matsuri tradition dates back to 12 centuries ago in the Heian Period (794-1180). Its original form was more about the purification ritual: impurities were believed to be transferred to the dolls which were then discarded in the river. The current form of the festival is said to have been formed in the Edo period (1615–1868) when dolls evolved into luxurious figurines displayed for the daughters of elite families. Contemporary ‘Hina-matsuri’ is considered to be the celebration day of young girls and a number of households with small daughters display traditional Japanese dolls and eat seasonal dishes such as ‘Chirashi-zushi or Hina-arare’ on 3rd March. As you will see less tourists in early march, it’d be a great opportunity to enjoy this unique experience!

ひな祭り(桃の節句)は五節句の一つとされ、人日(正月7日)、 端午の節句(5月5日)、 七夕(7月7日)、重陽の節句(9月9日)と共に重要な季節の節目です。ひな祭りの伝統は平安時代(794~1180)に遡るとされ、元々は日常生活の中で人間につく穢れを人形に移し、川に流すことで供養する行事だったと言われています。この行事がやがて、人形遊びで用いる人形と結びつき、江戸時代には座敷に飾りつける雛人形や雛段へと発展したと考えられているそうです。「ひな祭りなんて各家庭でお祝いするものじゃない?」とお思いかもしれませんが、京都ならではのひと味違ったひな祭りを満喫してはいかがでしょうか?3月初旬は比較的観光客も比較的少ない時期なので、京都観光にぴったりです!

Recommended spots・おすすめスポット!

Hina Ningyo’ (The Hina-matsuri Dolls) will be exhibited in the machiya-style old silk merchant warehouse. This place is located in Nishijin area where you can also enjoy shopping Japanese traditional garment and accessories.

雛人形や雛飾り等が、かつて生糸問屋 /織物問屋が営まれていた町屋で無料公開されています!こちらの展示は、「西陣織」で有名な西陣に位置しています。着物やアクセサリーなどのショッピングも楽しんでみてはいかがでしょうか?

Free entrance/入場無料

Period: 2nd March (Sat) ~ 3rd March (Sun) 10:00-16:30


The Kyoto National Museum holds their annual special exhibition of the Hinamatsuri dolls from 13 Feb. The entrance fee is half the price for students and it’s a great opportunity to learn the cultural and historical trajectories of this beautiful celebration!


Entrance fee: ¥520 (Half price for Uni students)

Period: 13 Feb (wed) ~ 17 Mar (Sun)

観覧料:520円 (大学生は半額)

期間:2019年2月13日(水) ~ 3月17日(日)

Credit form Shimogamo Shrine Officail Website

Shimogamo Shrine is an UNESCO world heritage site and tourists come there all the seasons. Yet, there is a special ritual of ‘Nagashi-Hina’ in which you can see how it used to be in the Heian period. It’d be a great opportunity for photo-takers!


Free entrance/見学無料

Period: 3 March (Sun) 10:00 ~

期間:2019年3月3日(日) 10:00~





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