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How about lunch on a river?・京都の川床料理

Because life is also about food (or is it just ours?), how about lunch over a river? Yep, not next to it, ON it! The "Kawayuka ryori" or "Kawadoko ryori" (as they call it outside of Kyoto) meal is a very nice experience that you can enjoy from May until September. Within Kyoto, the best place to experience it is around Pontocho. However, if you have time, we would recommend the Kifune area, to the north of Kyoto.

One of the many reasons for trying it, is that summer in Japan is famously hot. Believe us when we say that at some point you will do anything just to cool down! Drink gallons of water, eat as much ice cream as you can...Been there, done that!

But these restaurants in Kifune offer a food experience while sitting just centimetres above water! What can be cooler that that?




The terraces are mainly made in bamboo, which makes you feel like you are part of the natural environment that is surrounding you. The set-up really makes most of those restaurants refined and relaxing places.


The luxury of eating seasonal food at the sound of the flowing water is divine. You will have a variegated choice of food, so this should not worry you too much.


As always, be careful during the peak season, you might have to line up at lunch time, and it is only upon reservation at night time. We truly hope you will get a chance to enjoy it as much as we did!


Where? Kifune

How? By train via the Eizan Railways. Trains depart every 15-20 minutes How much? The transportation fee is \560~ (one way) from our hotel. The meal starts from ¥2000~






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