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Setsu-bun Festival in Kyoto!節分祭を京都で!


PHOTO: Yasaka Shrine Official Website



In Japan, February 3rd has an annual celebration for what is called ‘Setsu-bun’ festival. Although there are several theories regarding its origin, ‘Setsu-bun’ literally means ‘seasonal division’ during which people used to celebrate the start of new spring based on the Japanese Lunar calendar around 3rd of February. One of the most commonly conducted rituals during Setsu-bun is ‘Mame-maki’ or Bean-throwing in which people throw beans at devils (people in masks) to drive away the evil spirits by saying the famous phrase: “Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!" ("Devils out, happiness in!”). Why don’t you experience this traditional culture in the most traditional city of Japan?

「鬼は外!福は内!」毎年2月3日に行われる「節分」。ご家族でお祝いをされる方も多いのではないでしょうか? 諸説ありますが、「節分」は元々「季節の分け目」を祝う行事で、年に4回ありました(立春、立夏、立秋、立冬)。「立春」の節分(2月3日頃)は、その年の一番最初の「節分」なので、大晦日に相当する大事な日とされ、節分=2月3日を指すようになったと言われています。年に一度の節分、京都ならではの場所で体験してみてはいかがですか?



During the Setsu-bun season, there are events and celebrations across the Japanese archipelago. Not quite surprisingly, Kyoto is said to be the birthplace of such events. Although there are so many events happening during Setsu-bun in Kyoto, let us share some of our recommendations!


1. Yasaka Shrine (click to open the map)

Only 15 mins walk from the MLK. You can enjoy seeing ‘Mame-maki’ of Geishas. Highly recommended for photo-takers!


Time: 2nd & 3rd February 09:00 ~16:00

2. Heian Jingu Shrine (click to open the map)

25 mins on foot and 15 mins by Bus, Heian Jingu offers a unique experience for you. There will be a ritual appreciative of the Heian Period (AC 794 ~1185) . Recommended for those who would like to see the traditional side of the celebration.


Time: 3 February: 9:30 ~

3. Yoshida Shrine (click to open the map)

25 mins bus ride from MLK will take you to one of the most traditional shrines in Kyoto: Yoshida Shrine. The shrine holds Setsu-bun events over the three days including Mame-maki and other rituals. Furthermore, there will be more than 800 festival stalls in which you can shop, eat, and have fun! Recommended for experience-seekers!



2 Feb: Setsu-bun Eve Festival 08:00~

3 Feb: Setsu-bun Festival 08:00~

4 Feb: After Setsu-bun Festival 09:30~

2月2日: 前夜祭 8:00 ~

2月3日: 当日祭: 8:00 ~

2月4日: 後日祭: 9:30 ~



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