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Visit Kyomizu-dera from The Millennials


Hey folks! After talking with you and discussing the easiest way to access main touristic venues from our hotel, we came up with the idea of making ready-made itineraries. We have the feeling that it could be very handy for those of you who visit Kyoto for a short time, or for the ones who just need some last minute inspiration without having to overthink it too much. We hope this little series will help you out one way or another!


Let’s start with the Kiyomizu-dera area.


Photo by Nuno Antunes

We recommend going to Kiyomizu-dera at the beginning of your day trip since it is the only place that has opening and closing hours ( By doing so, you will be able to stroll around without worrying about time restrictions!


From The Millennials Kyoto you have a few bus options but we would recommend you to take the 207 from the stop “Shijo Kawaramachi” (5 min walk down the street from our hotel). Get off at “Kiyomizu michi” and just walk up the hill around 10 min to get to Kiyomizu-dera (follow the signs, google map or just the flow of people).

ザ・ミレニアルズ京都の近くからは清水寺行きのバスが何本が出ていますが、その中でもバス停 四条河原町からの207番に乗るとスムーズです!バス停はミレニアルズ京都から徒歩約5分ほどの場所にあり、207番のバスに乗った後はバス停 清水道で降りるとすぐに着きますよ!

After enjoying the breathtaking view from Kiyomizu-dera, you can walk along the merchant streets (Sannen Zaka and Ninen Zaka) all the way down to another nice temple: Kodai-ji.


Photo by Amandine Moreau

Kodai-ji features a beautiful stone garden, a pond, a bamboo grove, and it also displays Momoyama period architecture. The path that leads to that temple is very discrete, but it’s really worth visiting if you ask us!


Photo by Luca Florio

From there, it will only be a 5 min walk to get to the colorful and famous Yasaka Shrine. The main hall is gorgeous itself, but you might have the chance to attend some cultural performances while visiting it! Keep an eye out!


Photo by Jie

From Yasaka shrine, you can just walk all the way back to The Millennials Kyoto by visiting the Gion district and the famous Hanamikoji and Gion Shirakawa-dōri, where you might bump into a Geisha or a Maiko if you’re lucky! (do not forget that when you see them, they are actually working and most likely to be on their way to an appointment, so be sure to respect their privacy and allow them to be on time to wherever they are heading to).


Don’t miss on the Minami-za building, the beautiful Kabuki theatre. This theatre has stood at his place for over 400 years and is an historic proof that Kyoto has always been and still is an important place for traditional arts in Japan.


Photo by Elisha Terada

Places to eat:

The best spots to eat will be around the Gion district. There you will have a wide range of restaurants. However, do not miss on street food! Sannen Zaka and Ninen Zaka are full of small shops where you can enjoy a wide variety of japanese finger food! You might also have a few food stands at the Yasaka shrine depending on the calendar.

For dinner, we also recommend you to try one of the many restaurants along Pontocho street. It is a tiny street, but it has a huge choice of restaurants and bars, so we are sure you will find something that fits your tastes!

And don’t worry, if you are too tired or on a budget, you can still come home here at the Millennials and cook your own dinner in our kitchen. We provide all the tools, a refrigerator where to store your food and drinks and a warm and cozy atmosphere where to relax at the

end of your day!

また祇園エリアはお食事に最適なスポットでもあります。様々なレストランが軒を並べています。しかしながら美味しい屋台もお見逃しなく!! 有名な産寧坂(三年坂)や二寧坂(二年坂)には様々な日本の美味しい食べ物を持ち歩きながら観光を楽しむことも出来ますので!季節によっては八坂神社でも幾つかの屋台が立ち並びますよ!

そして夕食には、先斗町通り沿いにある数多くのレストランへ行かれることををお勧めします。 小さな通りですが、たくさんのレストランやバーが並んでいるので、きっとあなたの好みに合うものが見つかるはずです!


ミレニアルズ京都に戻り我々のご提供する大きなキッチンでご自身の夕食を作ることもできます。 私たちはすべてのツールや食器、食べ物や飲み物を保管する冷蔵庫もございます。






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